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24/01/2021 | Graphic Design

Like most people during the current Covid-19 restrictions, which have kept us mainly at home, we have been busy cleaning, sorting and tidying. Last weekend, whilst clearing out the attic, my husband found an old plastic bag in a box which was surprisingly still new looking (apart from a million creases). This crumpled plastic bag was a long forgotten ‘sample’ of the first logo I ever designed.

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I can’t remember what age I was, 12 maybe…. It was the 80’s, so no computers, no internet, no World Wide Web! I remember hand drawing the logo mark – which was based on one of the cutting styles on the crystal itself, and then hand tracing the Uncial style lettering.

The crystal product was a mid to high-end product that was hand cut in small quantities by a small scale craft industry business. The main target market was American tourists and the Uncial font was to appeal to them with it’s ‘Olde Irish’ styling. I chose the brand colours of silver and black. Silver to represent the crystal product and black for exclusivity.

My original hand-drawn logo was obviously refined for use by the packaging company who printed the bags years later, but very little alteration was made to my original design. The crystal company closed some time around 2005 but my logo served them well during their many years in business. Not bad for a kid, eh?

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